Snoops New Leva Left Album Review

If you like Snoop albums, then it’s time to add this one to your shelf of classics. Let’s face it, you already know who snoop doggy dog is, so he needs no introductions.

If your looking for some ol’ school homage, expect it in many forms including on the title track “Neva Left”.
It has a chorus sample from Slick Rick. To keep things right up to date, he has Wiz Khalifa on this too. As well as some other classic names, such as Method Man, Redman, and B-Real.

Although there is throw back to the beats of G funk. It’s not quite up to the classic level of Dr Dre. Still We take what we can get, and this is an album packed with 16 pretty long tracks on average. They vary quite a bit too, everything from slow smoking tracks, to more dance classics, such as “Big Mouth”