California Injury Laws Mandate Employers to Maintain Safe Workplaces

According to California injury laws,workplaces should be as safe as possible. A company should hire an independent inspector to verify the safety of a workplace.

Having a safe workplace costs a lot of money. However,it saves a company from a lot of litigation. A company will lose a good deal of money because of personal injury litigation and the efforts of the injured worker’s Orange County ,more than what the company could have used to make the workplace safe.

Workplace safety measures make economic sense. They will also save the company from embarrassing personal injury litigation that can end up hurting the reputation of the company.

Having an Unsafe Workplace is Breaking the Law

To be on the safe side of the law,an employer should prioritize workplace safety. Breaking the law comes with legal consequences. There can be criminal charges against the employer. A criminal proceeding in court can drag for years or decades.

Breaking California injury laws can lead to a civil lawsuit. Many American companies have lost millions of dollars to civil lawsuits. Some companies have even gone bankrupt because of these lawsuits.

How Can a Workplace be Unsafe?

A workplace can be unsafe in a number of ways. Defective machinery will make a workplace unsafe. Such machinery can chop the limbs of workers.

Another leading cause of personal injury in the workplace is slippery floors. These results in slip and fall injury. A fall can cause a serious head or spinal cord injury. These kinds of injuries might cause permanent disability or death.

How to Make a Workplace Safe

Regular machine maintenance will prevent machine defects. Regular floor cleaning will eliminate slippery floors. Most importantly,employees require safety training.

The Bottom Line

Safety must be the number one priority in a company. An employer must observe all the necessary safety measures. Workers need the right safety gear when working.

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